Do you have a nice camera that you seldom use because you don't know how to take great photos? Do you wish you could capture professional-quality photos of your kids without having to hire a professional? Have you wondered what ISO and aperture and white balance mean, and how to use all those buttons on your camera to get the best shots?
I was a photography and yearbook teacher for 24 years, and I love taking pictures of children and families in my home neighborhood of Central Park and throughout Colorado. (And anywhere else!) But I also want to go beyond this, and help teach YOU how to take great photos.
I offer hands-on seminars aimed at helping those who own a DSLR (digital single lens reflex) or similar camera and are ready to take the setting off "auto" mode.  The four-hour sessions (2 hours each class, 2 classes) will be offered on back-to-back weekends or week days or whenever I get several people together. And I'm serious about being hands-on. I limit the number of participants for each session to four or five people. You will not only learn about all your basic camera settings; you will also learn the rules of composition and light. AND you will each get my 28 page booklet that includes explanations and assignments so you can practice on your own. As a bonus, each participant will learn how to pose for and photograph a professional headshot (and receive their edited jpeg). 
This is especially fun if you can sign up with a friend or two!
COST: $200 per person; $100 due when you reserve your spot and the balance due on the date of the first class.
WHEN:  I will work with participants to find days and times that work for each group.
WHERE: We will start in my courtyard near MLK and Xenia Street in the Central Park neighborhood of Denver, or I can come to your location if three or four people are signed up.
WHY: Because you deserve to get amazing photos from your camera!
To sign up or learn more, please email me at or call/text me at 720-236-7506.
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