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Erika & Eric’s Elopement at City Park

I’m not going to lie. I have photographed more weddings than I can ever count, but have never photographed an elopement before this one. And it was fabulous!!!! First, Erika and Eric were the perfect bride and groom: relaxed, happy, and gorgeous. Darling Marlee added just the right touch of humor and joy to the event. And Officiant Darlene Kelly did a great job as well, adding just the right touch of gravitas to the ceremony while keeping everything enjoyable. I am so, so happy for this wonderful couple. Congratulations!!























Cory & Lizza Marry at Spruce Mountain Ranch

Lizza and Cory are sports enthusiasts (albeit for different teams!) who know when to make the call. Yesterday afternoon the clouds loomed and the rain threatened, but that didn’t keep them from choosing to marry on the side of the mountain above Spruce Mountain Ranch. And their decision proved perfect, as the day turned out to be exactly that.  I cannot even begin to describe how wonderful this day was. So instead of lots of words, I decided to upload lots of photos. (And there are so many more to come!) Thank you, Lizza and Cory, for allowing me to record the special moments of your special day. May the rest of your lives be as joyous as this day was. And a special shout out to Abigail Oxford Kroening, my assistant photographer, whose images also appear on this blog.

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Devon and Shawn Marry at Cathedral Pines

I have been looking forward to photographing Devon and Shawn’s wedding since they contacted me a year ago. I’ve known Devon since she was in elementary school with my daughter and instantly liked her fiancé when we met. And we had so much fun at their engagement session, I just knew their wedding day would be special. Because these two people are.  And, boy, are they fun as well!! With a Kansas University themed day and weather that was unbelievably perfect, every detail was came together. Okay, not every detail, as KU lost their football game, but that slowed no one down!  And watching Devon and Shawn with each other made me realize once again that this ceremony, this day, this celebration is amazingly important. Thank you, Shawn and Devon, for allowing me to share these precious memories!




































Faith & Ryan Marry in Grand Lake

There is a really good reason the first shot of this blog is of the wedding rings. And an even better reason to love Faith and Ryan and their wedding day in Grand Lake.  You see, this was a wedding that celebrated family and friends: his, hers, theirs. And fun. And laughter.  Posed photographs? Not so important. Capturing the love everyone has for each other? Crucial. So when Faith’s wedding ring slipped off her finger and disappeared in the scrub brush down near Grand Lake, we scoured the ground to find it. When that effort failed, Faith and Ryan shook it off and went to the reception and celebrated. Truly and fully. And today? They found that precious ring and all is right with the world. How could it not be? Look at the photos and you will see why this day and this couple are so special. Congratulations!!!!

Murri Wedding-1

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Jon & Lindsay Wed in Henderson

Jon and Lindsay had so much to celebrate yesterday, and so many friends and relatives (who are both fabulous and spectacular!) joined them in their celebration. I had a great time, in large part because they were both so laid back and warm and…just amazingly happy. Thanks, John and Jayceine, for the opportunity to share in this special day. And, congratulations, Jon and Lindsay!  You are an amazing couple, and I am so glad I could capture your special moments. (And thank you to Shane B for being the perfect assistant!)

J & L-1

J & L-2

J & L-3

J & L-4

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J & L-6

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J & L-9

J & L-10

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J & L-12

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J & L-15

J & L-16

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J & L-20

J & L-21

J & L-22

J & L-23

J & L-24

J & L-25

J & L-26

J & L-27

J & L-28

J & L-29

J & L-30

L & J-31

L & J-32

Ana and AJ at Villa Parker

Where to begin? This was such a special day, for so many reasons. Ana and AJ, along with their families and friends, celebrated their love on a day filled with laughter and sunshine. I couldn’t wait to share just a few (okay, quite a few!) photos.   As I look through them I can see how truly special marriage is…and how much fun two people can have in just one day!  Thank you, McKayla, for being an amazing second shooter and assistant. And, Ana and AJ, may the rest of your days be as joyous as this one!

AJ & Ana-1

AJ & Ana-2

AJ & Ana-3

AJ & Ana-4

AJ & Ana-5

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AJ & Ana-7

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AJ & Ana-10

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AJ & Ana-17

AJ & Ana-18

AJ & Ana-19

AJ & Ana-20

AJ & Ana-21

AJ & Ana-22

AJ & Ana-23

AJ & Ana-24

AJ & Ana-25

AJ & Ana-26

AJ & Ana-27

AJ & Ana-28

AJ & Ana-29

AJ & Ana-30

AJ & Ana-31





























Jennifer and Craig Marry in Lyons

Last Friday’s wedding once again proved my theory that every wedding, every couple, every celebration is different and that all of them are amazing—another reason I am so lucky to be able to pursue my passion for photography.  Jennifer and Craig married at Stone Mountain Lodge in Lyons, a rustic, fabulous location that was just perfect for a couple who wanted everyone to celebrate with them in a  relaxed and joyous setting. From the inclusion of family and friends in so many ways to the Dog of Honor to the La Marcha wedding song to the stunning bride and her handsome groom to the absolutely perfect weather, this day could not have been better. So, thank you, Craig and Jennifer, and I hope you enjoy these samples of your wonderful day!

Neff Web-1

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Chris and Kelly Marry in Denver

What an incredible day and night yesterday was!!! And since Chris and Kelly were so much fun and their bridal party and their families and their friends (oh, their friends!) were equally amazing, I just had to edit a few quick photos and share them.  I loved, loved photographing them and I hope the photos below show you a little bit why. Congratulations, Chris and Kelly, and I’ll just say it one more time, “You are both gorgeous, inside and out!”

Teasers Web-1

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Krista and Corey Marry in Estes Park

The Black Canyon Inn in Estes Park provided the perfect backdrop for an amazing wedding yesterday.  Krista and Corey, two of the most delightful, laid-back, so-in-love-it-takes-your-breath-away people I know, celebrated their wedding day with an intimate celebration framed by the drop-dead views of the Rocky Mountains. I love photographing this family (Lisa and Vincent, I am in awe of you both). I really loved photographing this wedding, as the bride and groom made for a fun-filled day, not to mention how fabulous they both looked!  So, Krista and Corey, before you head out for your honeymoon, take a look at just a few of your photos. And congratulations!!!!!!

Special shout out to Dan of Daniel G Photography for assisting me; he is amazing! You can check out his website at

Krista and Corey-1

Krista and Corey-2


Krista and Corey-3

Krista and Corey-4

Krista and Corey-5

Krista and Corey-6

Krista and Corey-7

Krista and Corey-8

Krista and Corey-9

Krista and Corey-10

Krista and Corey-11

Krista and Corey-12

Krista and Corey-13

Krista and Corey-14

Krista and Corey-15

Abbigail and Justin Marry in Evergreen

Yesterday was magical. The Barn in Evergreen set the backdrop for the picture perfect wedding for Abby and Justin. The few raindrops that threatened dissipated and the joy of the bride and groom warmed everyone in attendance.  This wonderful couple is heading for their honeymoon in Peru any minute, so I have to get these few up so they can smile once more as they board their plane. Congratulations!!!!

O Teaser-1

O Teaser-2

O Teaser-3

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