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Kaitie & Matt Marry in Boulder

I love photographing unique, creative weddings. And this wedding yesterday captured Kaitie’s and Matt’s personalities perfectly. From an intimate gathering as they exchanged vows to a fun-filled reception attended by friends and family, the day was perfect! Every detail, including Rindy’s butterflies adorning the centerpieces and the cross-stitch created by Kaitie’s grandmother, added to the overall atmosphere of love and support. Congratulations, Kaitie and Matt!


Kate and Brian Marry at YMCA of the Rockies

What a wonderful wedding for Kate and Brian. From Friday’s rehearsal to the ceremony at the Overlook Chapel at YMCA of the Rockies to the elk making their appearance during the reception, every part of this two day celebration was perfect. Okay, the weather was just a little too hot, but that did nothing to cool off the joy and love evident throughout. I have known Brian’s family for years, and I so enjoyed getting to know Kate’s delightful parents and sisters and extended family. I can’t stop smiling as I look through the photos from yesterday. Congratulations, Kate and Brian! And thank you for allowing me to document this incredible weekend.


Max & McCall Marry at the Pines at Genesee

Oh, what a beautiful day…and night! I have been photographing McCall since she was quite young and was thrilled to photograph her wedding to Max. If I had to pick a favorite moment from this incredible day, I am not sure I could as there were so many highlights, from the reveal to the ceremony itself to the most amazing, incredible, joyous reception I have ever photographed.   Congratulations, Max and McCall!!! Here are just a few photos to keep you smiling today and beyond.

Jason & Katie Marry at Church Ranch Event Center

Ah, the luck of the Irish! Or at least the luck of a wonderful couple who married on St. Patrick’s Day on the best of days, weather wise and celebration wise as well. Jason and Katie were so much fun to photograph–and watching them revel in their special day made everything even better. From the ceremony itself to the last dance, these two surrounded themselves with dear friends and family and kept us all smiling. Congratulations, Jason and Katie!

Lauren & David Marry at Hudson Gardens

I loved this wedding! And this couple! And their families and friends! Monday snowstorm that destroyed all the flowers? Who cares? Winds whipping through the venue? Great veil shots! Amazing ceremony and reception? Nailed it!

Thank you, Lauren and David, for this special opportunity to document the beginning of your lives together. The love you share for each other is so clear. Congratulations!!


Lauren & David at City Park

I love posting each couple’s engagement photos (which were often taken months ago) right before the wedding as it reminds us all how far away the actual wedding date seemed at the time. And then. It’s time!! I am so excited to document Lauren and David’s wedding tomorrow!!  For now, let’s remember a simpler time (and a few rehearsal photos just for fun).

Zac & Christa Marry at Della Terra

What a perfect day yesterday was! Which is exactly what Christa and Zac deserved as they (and the wonderful staff at Della Terra outside of Estes Park) took care of every detail to make it wonderful. Because I love to post photos as soon as possible after the ceremony, I’ll keep words to a minimum and just let you enjoy the photos. Congratulations, Zac and Christa! And thank you for the privilege of documenting you and your family and friends; you both amaze and humble me!  (And a special thanks to Matt M for being a great second shooter!)

Keira & Joshua Marry at McC Ranch

What a wonderful day Friday was! After a summer filled with crazy weather, the sun came out and shone on Keira and Josh’s wedding at the McC Ranch just north of Masonville. Keira and Josh are an amazing couple: so in love and so happy as they celebrated this day with family and friends. They clearly relished every moment of this special day, and I am so honored that I was able to document it for them. I always try to get a few photos posted after the wedding day so the couples can see for themselves how wonderful their day was; with these two I had to include lots more than “a few.”  Congratulations, Keira and Josh!!!!  (And a special shout-out to Keira’s uncle Doug, who assisted me in photographing this incredible day!)



Tina & Matt Marry at Muddy Paw Ranch

Wow. Just wow. I am not even going to try to come up with the right words, as both Tina and Matt said everything so perfectly in their vows. And perfect this day was: the weather, the gnomes and ladybugs, the ceremony, Claire, the food, the crazy performance by the guests. And the bride and groom. Perfect.

So, congratulations, Tina and Matt!! Here are just a few photos randomly chosen with so many, many more to come!! (Special thanks to Joe H for being a fabulous assistant!!)

Keira & Josh at Clear Creek History Park

Spring is officially here (just ignore Saturday’s snowstorm!) and that means it’s time to enjoy the flowers and green grass and gorgeous scenery. But first let’s also celebrate the beauty that is Colorado even in February. Of  course the most attractive part of these photos is the couple, and Keira and Josh made the Clear Creek History Park in Golden come alive during their engagement session. Now that their “Save the Date” cards are mailed, I can share some more photos from this fabulous photo shoot. Congratulations, Keira and Josh! I am so looking forward to your wedding!