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Rilyn & Madison in Aurora

Okay, this might just be my favorite sister photo shoot ever. Once their wonderful mom, Summer, found the perfect place to photograph, it all fell into place. I loved watching Rilyn and Madison interact with each other and with the camera. Thank you, Patti, for making this photo shoot happen!

R & M-1

R & M-2

R & M-3

R & M-4

R & M-5

R & M-6

R & M-7

R & M-8

R & M-9

R & M-10

R & M-11

Professional Headshots, Casually

I am seeing a real uptick in interest for professional/corporate/just-want-to-look-my-best portrait photography.  Since my background is in teaching school journalism and photography, the one type of photo I avoid if I can is the “class photo” for adults. (You know what I mean; just pull out your fifth grade school pictures as a reminder!)

Also, I love shooting lifestyle photography. That means I photograph people in their element (outdoors or indoors) using real backgrounds.  Using natural light only whenever possible, I focus on the model, eliciting the smiles and expressions that will draw any viewer to that person.

Following are just a few samples of recent headshots. I love the smiles!

Corporate Photos-1

Corporate Photos-2

Corporate Photos-3

Corporate Photos-4

Corporate Photos-5

Corporate Photos-6

Corporate Photos-7

Corporate Photos-8

Corporate Photos-9

Corporate Photos-12

Corporate Photos-13

Corporate Photos-14

Corporate Photos-15

Corporate Photos-16

Corporate Photos-17And, when you are retired, your “setting” can be in a little slice of heaven in the Colorado Rockies!

Corporate Photos-18


AJ and Ana at Silo Park

I loved, loved, loved photographing this couple at Silo Park recently. When AJ and Ana asked me to photograph their April wedding, I was thrilled. After spending time with them at the engagement photo shoot, I am even more excited. Not only are they both incredibly nice, photogenic, and FUN, but their love for each other humbles me. Congratulations, AJ and Ana!!  And—Go, Broncos!!!!

AJ & Ana blog-1

AJ & Ana blog-2

AJ & Ana blog-5

AJ & Ana blog-3

AJ & Ana blog-6

AJ & Ana blog-7

AJ & Ana blog-9

AJ & Ana blog-11

AJ & Ana blog-12

AJ & Ana blog-13

AJ & Ana blog-4

AJ & Ana blog-10

AJ & Ana blog-14



Kelly’s Senior Pics in Buena Vista!

What a perfect day Saturday was!  First Sherri and Darren and Kelly visited us here in Buena Vista. Then the weather (with a few sprinkles thrown in to tease us) was gorgeous in the late afternoon. And then, speaking of gorgeous, I took Kelly’s senior pictures basically in my back yard and then off of East Main in downtown Buena Vista. We scouted locations in the morning (finding old farm equipment, an ancient shed, and the coolest wreck of a VW bug as well as lots of wildflowers) and then I just let Kelly do her magic. Thanks, Kelly, for being a great model (and wonderful person).  This was so much fun! (And thanks, Sherri and Darren for driving all the way here for the photo shoot!)











Kelly-11I always like to get a photo of the senior with her parents; in this case I wanted two! Kelly-12


Kelly-14 As Kelly would say, “Peace Out!””Kelly-15

Kelly and Chris at Wash Park

I love shooting engagement sessions. But I never would have thought that a late February photo shoot in Denver (dead grass, no flowers, cold….) could end up with such great photos. When the photographer is as lucky as I am, then the result is a no brainer. Chris and Kelly made the session so much fun and looked so good in the process that only the setting of the sun kept us from even more photos. Congratulations, and I can’t wait for the wedding!!!!

Chris & Kelly-1

Chris & Kelly-2

Chris & Kelly-3

Chris & Kelly-4

Chris & Kelly-8

Chris & Kelly-9

Chris & Kelly-10

Chris & Kelly-11

Chris & Kelly-12

Chris & Kelly-13

Chris & Kelly-14

Chris & Kelly-15

Chris & Kelly-16

Chris & Kelly-17

Merry Christmas, Maggie!

When my friend Shari asked if I could capture a few Christmas photos of her 10 week old puppy Maggie, I rushed right over because this little darling is not going to stay small long!!  Isn’t she adorable??








Kalli and Chris Celebrate Their Engagement

Kalli and Chris are two very special, strong, amazing people. And soon they will be two very special married people!  I had the privilege recently to photograph their engagement session as the last of the fall leaves clung to the trees in a courtyard in Stapleton.  We had so much fun with this session; I hope you enjoy this small sample from their portfolio. And, congratulations, Kalli and Chris!!!

K & C-1

K & C-2

K & C-3

K & C-4

K & C-5

K & C-6

K & C-7

K & C-8

K & C-9

K & C-11

And we just had to have one serious (sort of) pose!

K & C-10

Senior Photos of Jalen in Stapleton

I had such a great time photographing Jalen this past weekend. When his dad Eugene married my friend Christine three years ago, I was honored to photograph their wedding. And Jalen, then a freshman in high school, helped me photograph some of my favorite scenes after the wedding. So to be able to photograph this fine young man now as he enters his senior year in high school was so much fun. I so appreciate the opportunity to help capture Jalen’s personality through the photos taken, a small sample of which follow here.













Anna in Downtown Bellevue

I just returned from a whirlwind trip out to the Pacific Northwest where I did a couple of special photo shoots, including taking senior pictures for Anna, my amazing, artistic, beautiful niece. She and her mom, Patricia, met me in downtown Bellevue so that we could capture Anna in an urban, outdoor, gorgeous setting. Following is a tiny sample of some of my favorite photos.  THANK YOU, Patricia and Anna, for taking the ferry and braving rush hour traffic so that I could have the privilege of capturing Anna’s senior pictures. And visiting with you! And being chastised for photographing in a not-to-be-named store after receiving permission to take photos! I loved seeing you both. 🙂


Anna-2Larry the dinosaur deserves a post all to himself; if you know Anna, you know his story!!



Anna-11Anna’s vintage camera made for a great prop; I love this effect for this photo!






We are done! And Anna and Patricia can head home!

Kristen at Silo Park

Silo Park off of Orchard Road is quickly becoming one of my favorite locations for senior photo shoots. A big reason is that in one fairly small location are all kinds of backgrounds and settings. But the best reason is that delightful seniors such as Kristen look so good in all of these settings.  I’ve known Kristen’s mother, Cathy, for years and had the privilege of volunteering with Kristen’s eighth grade yearbook class four years ago, so seeing them both again was a special treat for me. I can’t wait to hear about all the wonderful things this special senior will accomplish this year. For now, I am honored I had the chance to photograph her.