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Taylor at Garden of the Gods

I am thrilled that I had the privilege of photographing Taylor for her senior photos. I have known Taylor since she was born, and have loved watching her play volleyball for her state championship high school team. Since her mom (and my dear friend) coached my daughters in high school, this seems only fitting! Taylor chose Garden of the Gods for our first location and I could have photographed there all day, especially since the torrential rains of the early afternoon had passed and the sky cleared just in time for some amazing backdrops, both at the garden and our other locations. Here’s to a great senior year, Taylor!


Amanda at Golden History Park

Oh. My. The location was perfect. The light was perfect. And Amanda was perfection. I was thrilled when her mom, Christina, contacted me about taking Amanda’s senior photos for many reasons, not least of which is that I have known Christina since she took my yearbook class for three years. Christina was one of my favorite students, and Amanda’s session is one of my favorite ever senior sessions. She is playful, funny, warm, and gorgeous. And her sister Corinna is equally delightful.  I love being able to take a few photos of the family during my senior sessions when possible, and they all helped make this session a blast. (Thanks, Rob, for being a great assistant as well!) Here’s to a great senior year, Amanda!

Congratulations, Class of 2018!

Oh my, time flies! Just yesterday it seems I was photographing seniors and enjoying their excitement about their last year of high school. Now, with spring and graduation approaching, they are even more excited about the adventures that await them. Still, my favorite time is right before that last year starts, when the flowers are still blooming and senioritis is just an idea instead of a reality. So here, belatedly, are some of my favorite photos of members of the class of 2018.






Christa & Zac at Clear Creek History Park

I am so excited to photograph Christa and Zac’s wedding! As I began today to organize my gear for their special day, I realized I just wanted to look again at their engagement photos one more time. And seeing their joy just makes me want to photograph their wedding day even more. I’ll be posting those in the next few days, but in the meantime, you can see what I mean. This will be fun!

Grace at Silo Park

I couldn’t wait to blog about the incredible time I had with Grace (and her wonderful family) this past weekend at Silo Park for her senior photo shoot. First, she is gorgeous. Second, she is delightful. Third, she was willing to try all the poses and locations I threw at her. I never wanted to end this session!  What I also love about these photos (below is just a sampling of the ones we got) is how many different backgrounds are right there at Silo Park: from the silo (duh!) to a little patch of corn to wetlands to a playground to whatever we could possibly want.  Thank you, Ana and AJ, for allowing me the privilege to photograph Grace.

Tina & Matt in Leadville

One of my favorite sessions this past winter was the engagement photo shoot with Tina and Matt. Not only are they wonderful to work with, they are just wonderful people. They both (because of their backgrounds) understand photography and design and composition, and they are willing to have fun. Most important, because this session was in the dead of winter in Leadville they don’t mind being in the cold! And I can’t wait for their June wedding in the same locale because we will be able to capture the same places with a completely different look to the background. And because they are wonderful. Enjoy!

Keira & Josh at Clear Creek History Park

Spring is officially here (just ignore Saturday’s snowstorm!) and that means it’s time to enjoy the flowers and green grass and gorgeous scenery. But first let’s also celebrate the beauty that is Colorado even in February. Of  course the most attractive part of these photos is the couple, and Keira and Josh made the Clear Creek History Park in Golden come alive during their engagement session. Now that their “Save the Date” cards are mailed, I can share some more photos from this fabulous photo shoot. Congratulations, Keira and Josh! I am so looking forward to your wedding!

Photo Class Fun!

Every single time I teach my DSLR photo class I love it more. As any of you who knew me as a yearbook adviser/teacher realize, I tend to add things to my classes and then, somehow, some way—always—those little additions become part of the class forever. And our Head Shot/Family Photos practice we do during the second class has become one of those additions. I love when my students not only get to learn about how to use those DSLR cameras better, but actually get to take home some really great photos.  I have the best life! Just sayin’.

Class Photos B-1

Class Photos B-2

Class Photos B-3

Class Photos B-4

Class Photos B-5

Class Photos B-6

Class Photos B-7

Class Photos B-8

Class Photos B-9

Class Photos B-10

Class Photos B-11

Class Photos B-12

It’s All About the Light

I love natural light. I love the way diffused light falls in the early morning. I love the effect of the “Golden Hour” (that hour right before sunset when the rays turn warm and flattering). I love backlighting. I love direct sunlight (sometimes). I love using the light to highlight and flatter my subjects. I’ll use flash if I can’t get the light the way I want it naturally, but only if it makes my subject look better or the sun doesn’t want to cooperate.

Light is so important that I spend a huge amount of time teaching about it in my DSLR class (DSLR Classes) and I actually scout locations at various times of day so I can find the best spots and times for photo shoots.

And while it is hard to get the right exposure when working with challenging light situations (harsh contrast, for example), it is such a reward when the photos show the subject in the best possible light. (I couldn’t resist that one!)

Following are examples of how capturing natural light makes a photo better. Some are in bright sunlight, others take advantage of clouds or backlighting. And for several, I just turned the model around to show you the difference that makes. But each photo is taken without the use of any flash.  And if you would like to learn how to use light more effectively while photographing, I’d love to teach you!




















Blog Photos-54














Lizza & Cory at City Park

One of the things I love about being a photographer is meeting new people. And Lizza and Cory are at the top of my list of favorites.  When we met for the first time to discuss their upcoming wedding, I knew I would love to photograph them. (I mean, seriously, just look at them!) And when we met for their engagement session and had the chance to spend time together in several settings around Denver’s City Park, I knew that these two people (and their wonderful “Ruffaree” Jax) are going to be so much fun to photograph on their special day. I can’t wait!!! Thanks, Lizza and Cory, for the opportunity to document this incredible adventure.  And I am getting so excited for your wedding!!

L & C-1

L & C-2

L & C-3

L & C-4

L & C-5

L & C-6

L & C-7

L & C-8

L & C-9

L & C-10