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Favorite Places Part Five: Silo Park

As I get ready for the trees to continue to flower and the grass to turn greener, I am finally posting about my last “favorite” place in the Denver metro area for photography. I love Silo Park (off of Orchard Avenue,  east of I-25) for many reasons, not least is because it offers everything from a silo (duh!) to a wetland area to a playground to a great barn-like structure. But the most important reason is that I have the privilege to photograph families such as the ones shown here. I already have some sessions scheduled for the park this spring and can’t wait to return!

I love my life. 🙂


Jon & Lauren in Stapleton

I can’t believe it has been six weeks since I photographed Jon and Lauren as they celebrated ten years together and prepared to welcome their darling baby boy. After we finally found a spot that actually had flowering trees and then waited out the intense rainstorm that hit just as our session was to begin, the day and the couple were perfect. They are both so warm and wonderful to work with that I don’t even mind that their favorite team is clearly not the Denver Broncos. And I can’t wait to meet their little one! Thank you again, Jon and Lauren, for the privilege of photographing this important time in your lives.

L & J-1

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Welcome, Baby Kelsey!

I love photographing families over time. And when I have the privilege of photographing both maternity and newborn sessions, life gets even better. And when the mom, Staci, is one of my favorite former students, well, life is perfect. Darling Kelsey arrived a couple of weeks early, giving big sister Kyler the perfect Christmas present.  Thanks, Mark and Staci, for the opportunity to document these special moments in your lives! I have so enjoyed the past few years watching Kyler grow and can’t wait to see how Kelsey does as well. Happy New Year!


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Shannon in Stapleton

Early morning in Stapleton, sun peeking over the trees and foliage, stunning Shannon willing to traipse through that foliage.  I could not have asked for a better maternity session as Shannon was so much fun to photograph. And so beautiful in these photos. She is so excited to meet baby Adi (and so am I!!), and her joy comes through in every single photo. Thank you, Shannon, for the opportunity to document this incredibly special time in your life. And congratulations!!



















Annie & John at Chautauqua Park


I am so excited for Annie and John as they await the birth of their firstborn son!  And I was thrilled when Annie contacted me to photograph her pregnancy; when she chose Chautauqua Park, the session just got better.  We waited out the inevitable rain shower and then headed up to the field to capture this special moment. I also loved that John’s mother and brother came along to provide all kinds of support (including acting as my assistant at times). This was just so much fun; thank you, Annie and John, for having me record this special time!

A & J-1

A & J-2

A & J-3

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A & J-10

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A & J-9

Special Maternity Session in Stapleton

I can’t help but smile as I look at these photos, first and foremost, because the subjects are my daughter and son-in-law, Karlyn and Chris, and my grandson Nolan. And also because my newest grandson is going to be joining this wonderful family any day now!  We managed to squeeze this very short (about 20 minutes) session into a very cold Sunday afternoon, but what I loved best is how Nolan looked at his mom during one of my favorite shots. Once the baby comes, I’ll post the photo Karlyn and I have been working on over the past 20 weeks of the pregnancy, one similar to the montage we did of her and Nolan after he was born: Pregnancy Project.  All we need now is the baby!









This photo features the adorable “monsters” my sister-in-law Betsy sewed out of an old sweater she felted and then designed herself. Notice that the one for Nolan has red hair!


Maternity Session in Stapleton

Maggie and I had a great time plotting out our ideas for her maternity session last weekend, and Tim and Kenzy were fabulous models/participants!  I cannot wait for Kenzy’s baby brother to be born! Thanks, Maggie and Tim, for being so flexible with poses (both literally and figuratively!). And I could photograph Kenzy all day long; I love that little girl!


I loved this idea so much I tried another effect to see it with a more faded look.


Maternity Session with Melissa, Chip & Nicholas

I am thrilled for Melissa and Chip and soon-to-be big brother Nicholas as they prepare to welcome a newborn into their home. (Be sure to check back in late June for newborn shots!) And getting to see Melissa’s parents, Lucinda and Bill, is an added treat.  As you can see by the following photos, we had way too much fun as we documented pregnancy, family, and life. Special thanks to Melissa and Chip for always being willing to try different ideas (This is the fifth time I have had the privilege of photographing them, from Nicholas’s birth to now.) and for always making me look like a better photographer. I can’t wait to meet the newest member of your familly!!


And I had to take a few of Nicholas!

These last two just warmed my heart!


The Pregnancy Project

Karlyn and I started this project over a year ago when she was 16 weeks pregnant.  I finally stitched together our favorite images and gave this photo to her for a Christmas gift, but (as Nolan empties the recycle bin under my feet as I write this) thought now would be a great time to think back on when he was so very, very tiny!

39 Weeks Pregnant

I want to thank Chris’s parents for their message to Nolan for this week.  Not only are they great in-laws for Karlyn, but they already have a one year old grandson (whose mom will be writing next week’s post), so they already know how to be wonderful grandparents. I still have no idea—except that spoiling will play a large role.

This week Chris also played with us as we explored a couple of ideas I’ve been wanting to try out.  Just in time, as the official due date is next Monday.

One last addition for Nolan:  a bookcase for all of his books and toys.  Okay, SOME of his toys.

This is the outfit that is already packed and ready for the hospital.  I can’t believe it will fit him!

And since evenings in Colorado can get quite chilly, this little sleeper should keep him warm!Finally, just a fun shot.  (I think Karlyn is ready!)