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Adorable Kids – Part One

Since I am so bad at blogging for each client, I’ve decided once again to “theme” my blogs with some of my favorite photos…AND a few tips about how you can capture the same kinds of photos if you wish.

Tip #1:  Photograph from their level. I’ve really improved my flexibility photographing little ones!

Tip #2:  Put them in an environment (playground, Radio Flyer, leaves to play with) where they can ignore you and just have some fun.

Tip #3:  Place the parents near you so the kiddo can interact with them and respond.

Tip #4:  With older kids, get to know them. Ask them what they want. Show them what you are doing and get feedback.

Tip #5:  Don’t worry about smiles. Some of my favorite photos show serious/puzzled/amazed expressions rather than just smiles. Of course, when you get that smile, it’s priceless!







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