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Photo Class Fun!

Every single time I teach my DSLR photo class I love it more. As any of you who knew me as a yearbook adviser/teacher realize, I tend to add things to my classes and then, somehow, some way—always—those little additions become part of the class forever. And our Head Shot/Family Photos practice we do during the second class has become one of those additions. I love when my students not only get to learn about how to use those DSLR cameras better, but actually get to take home some really great photos.  I have the best life! Just sayin’.

Class Photos B-1

Class Photos B-2

Class Photos B-3

Class Photos B-4

Class Photos B-5

Class Photos B-6

Class Photos B-7

Class Photos B-8

Class Photos B-9

Class Photos B-10

Class Photos B-11

Class Photos B-12

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