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Photo Class Fun

My goal this spring was to teach a photo class because, well, I love teaching this class. Since I am primarily an outdoor photographer and the scenery around Denver in February and March and April is rather…bleak, to say the least, I figured I’d teach a class—which turned into three fabulous classes. And now that the weather is getting better and better (fingers crossed), I can’t wait to teach a few more!

Teaching these photo classes reminds me of the days I advised the yearbook staff at Overland High School. Each year, the students would think up some crazy new idea to make the class more interesting/creative/memorable (fake hall passes, Santa letters on butcher paper in the office, Monday Morning Raffles…the list is almost endless). And once the event happened once, it became a “tradition” for later classes. (Which is why the list is almost endless.)

My photo class is evolving in much the same way, and I love it. Now on the second day of class, we do head shots for participants and practice our posing and the use of light and action photography. We encourage people to bring their kids and pets to model during the last hour of class. We even have a written quiz. 🙂

And we learn. And it really is fun.  Enjoy these few photos from this spring’s classes. I can’t wait to post more as we add even more “traditions” into the class!

Photo Class Fun-1

Photo Class Fun-2

Photo Class Fun-3

Photo Class Fun-4

Photo Class Fun-5

Photo Class Fun-6

Photo Class Fun-15

Photo Class Fun-7

Photo Class Fun-10

Photo Class Fun-11

Photo Class Fun-12

Photo Class Fun-13

Photo Class Fun-14


  1. Walt Snover

    You continue to amaze! Love your photos.

    April 24th, 2016 @ 10:42 pm

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