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Three Generations in Aurora

When Jan and Floyd’s children decided to give them a family photo session for their Christmas present, I was all for it! Especially because daughter Kristen chose me to document their family. 🙂 At the risk of sounding like a broken record, I am so lucky that Kristen has stayed in touch with me over the years (mostly through Facebook) after being one of my favorite students back in the day. I love that she pursued journalism as her career and love even more seeing her with her darling boys and husband, David. And the rest of the family was equally welcoming and warm. It was the perfect way to end my photo sessions for 2015!!

F & J-1

F & J-2

F & J-3

F & J-4

F & J-5

F & J-6

F & J-7

F & J-8

F & J-9

F & J-10

F & J-11

F & J-12

F & J-13

F & J-14

F & J-16

F & J-17

F & J-18

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