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Audrey, AJ, Adam & Elisabeth at McKay Lake

Where to begin? That this family was so much fun and contributed so many great ideas? That Audrey is truly the toughest five year old in Colorado? (Story to follow.) That AJ knew exactly how to own the camera and make each shot special? Or that I found a really cool new place for photos if I’m in the Westminster area?

I better start with Audrey. She not only decided to photobomb her brother within minutes of us starting  (see first photo), but somehow fell while getting off that log. And hurt her arm in the process. And then calmed down and was fabulous during the entire rest of the photo shoot. And then later that night went to the hospital to get her fractured arm splinted (with a cast put on the next week). And LOOK AT HER. She played; she smiled; she came up with ideas. She matched her older brother (whose hockey and martial arts moves impressed me just as much!) in making every shot fun.

Adam and Elisabeth: you are amazing parents raising wonderful kids. While I hope no one ever gets injured again (what am I saying? AJ plays HOCKEY!), I do hope our paths cross again. Thank you!

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