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Ana and AJ at Villa Parker

Where to begin? This was such a special day, for so many reasons. Ana and AJ, along with their families and friends, celebrated their love on a day filled with laughter and sunshine. I couldn’t wait to share just a few (okay, quite a few!) photos.   As I look through them I can see how truly special marriage is…and how much fun two people can have in just one day!  Thank you, McKayla, for being an amazing second shooter and assistant. And, Ana and AJ, may the rest of your days be as joyous as this one!

AJ & Ana-1

AJ & Ana-2

AJ & Ana-3

AJ & Ana-4

AJ & Ana-5

AJ & Ana-6

AJ & Ana-7

AJ & Ana-8

AJ & Ana-9

AJ & Ana-10

AJ & Ana-11

AJ & Ana-12

AJ & Ana-13

AJ & Ana-14

AJ & Ana-15

AJ & Ana-16

AJ & Ana-17

AJ & Ana-18

AJ & Ana-19

AJ & Ana-20

AJ & Ana-21

AJ & Ana-22

AJ & Ana-23

AJ & Ana-24

AJ & Ana-25

AJ & Ana-26

AJ & Ana-27

AJ & Ana-28

AJ & Ana-29

AJ & Ana-30

AJ & Ana-31






























  1. Alison

    Beautiful job Kathy!

    April 5th, 2015 @ 11:32 pm

  2. Linda Puntney

    So much love and happiness in front of and behind the camera. You’ve done a wonderful job of capturing their special moments. Beautiful work.

    April 6th, 2015 @ 6:07 pm

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