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Chris and Kelly Marry in Denver

What an incredible day and night yesterday was!!! And since Chris and Kelly were so much fun and their bridal party and their families and their friends (oh, their friends!) were equally amazing, I just had to edit a few quick photos and share them.  I loved, loved photographing them and I hope the photos below show you a little bit why. Congratulations, Chris and Kelly, and I’ll just say it one more time, “You are both gorgeous, inside and out!”

Teasers Web-1

Teasers Web-2

Teasers Web-5

Teasers Web-3

Teasers Web-6

Teasers Web-4

Teasers Web-7

Teasers Web-8

Teasers Web-9

Teasers Web-10

Teasers Web-11

Teasers Web-12

Teasers Web-13

Teasers Web-14

Teasers Web-15

Teasers Web-16

Teasers Web-17

Teasers Web-18

Teasers Web-19

Teasers Web-20

Teasers Web-21

Teasers Web-22

Teasers Web-23

Teasers Web-24

Teasers Web-28

Teasers Web-25

Teasers Web-26

Teasers Web-27


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