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Krista and Corey Marry in Estes Park

The Black Canyon Inn in Estes Park provided the perfect backdrop for an amazing wedding yesterday.  Krista and Corey, two of the most delightful, laid-back, so-in-love-it-takes-your-breath-away people I know, celebrated their wedding day with an intimate celebration framed by the drop-dead views of the Rocky Mountains. I love photographing this family (Lisa and Vincent, I am in awe of you both). I really loved photographing this wedding, as the bride and groom made for a fun-filled day, not to mention how fabulous they both looked!  So, Krista and Corey, before you head out for your honeymoon, take a look at just a few of your photos. And congratulations!!!!!!

Special shout out to Dan of Daniel G Photography for assisting me; he is amazing! You can check out his website at

Krista and Corey-1

Krista and Corey-2


Krista and Corey-3

Krista and Corey-4

Krista and Corey-5

Krista and Corey-6

Krista and Corey-7

Krista and Corey-8

Krista and Corey-9

Krista and Corey-10

Krista and Corey-11

Krista and Corey-12

Krista and Corey-13

Krista and Corey-14

Krista and Corey-15

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