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I’ll be honest. I usually don’t do many photo shoots in the dead of winter because I do almost all my photography on location and outdoors whenever possible. But this winter has been different. And fun. And busy. And a little crazy for reasons that have nothing to do with photography. So, as I realized that far too many days (weeks, months) had passed between posts, I decided to just take a sample from some of these photo shoots. I loved photographing these people and hope you see their personalities come out as I did.  And these aren’t all. Wait until you see the gorgeous couple whose engagement photos I’ll be sharing tomorrow!

catch up blog-28

catch up blog-25

catch up blog-27

catch up blog-26

catch up blog-1

catch up blog-2

catch up blog-3

catch up blog-4

catch up blog-30

catch up blog-6

catch up blog-7

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