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Kenzy Turns Three!

I love photographing Kenzy!  She is not only flat out adorable, but she is so darn sweet. Every single thing we asked her to do, she did—with a smile. Her parents, Tim and Maggie, clearly know how to raise a delightful daughter. Take a look at this small sample of the photos I just shot for Kenzy’s third birthday milestone and you’ll understand why I love what I do. Thanks, Kenzy, for being such a perfect model!

I always ask my parents to choose an item of importance for their child to hold/wear/toss for birthday shoots. Not only did Kenzy have a special doll, but they had matching pj’s as well!

AND my new favorite park has a great wall to help keep an informal “growth chart” from year to year!


  1. alison

    My child is the total opposite of a perfect model! But I’m glad you had an agreeable subject, that’s somewhat rare when photographing children I would think!

    May 10th, 2011 @ 11:49 pm

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