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Baylor in Stapleton

Bob and Cindy are the most amazing couple. I was honored to shoot their wedding a few years ago, and every time our paths cross, I try to take at least one photo of the two of them.  They take such obvious joy in each other’s company that I simply feel better every time I’m around them.  And when their son Baylor was born, it made the photography that much better. Now that they are expecting JR any day now, we did a family shoot featuring a toddler who NEVER, ever stays still. I had such a great time and think I even lost weight chasing Baylor around my new, most favorite photo site for kids and photos.  I can’t wait to meet Baylor’s little brother!

We started indoors, where Baylor was conserving his energy and allowed me to capture some shots of mom and dad.

Then we headed to the park, where he did not slow down for over an hour!  (Note the wonders of Photoshop:  when your active toddler accidentally rams heads with another friend at preschool two days before the shoot, that black eye doesn’t have to appear in every photo!)

Every so often, I would tell Cindy and Bob to join Baylor for a family shot; even then, he’s already looking for the next play area. 🙂

And at the end of a whirlwind trip around the park, there is nothing better than dad’s strong arms.

Thanks, Cindy and Bob, for a great time and a chance to reconnect with your adorable son.


  1. Karlyn

    So cute! I like the family one where he is climbing up the ropes!

    January 28th, 2011 @ 12:41 am

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