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Ashlin in Evergreen

Okay, I’m biased.  As a grandparent, I take such joy in Nolan that I cannot believe my good luck. So when I had the opportunity to go to Joyce and John’s home in Evergreen because their daughter Lydia and son-in-law Bryan came home for Christmas with their darling baby Ashlin, I jumped at the chance.  Ashlin was such a trouper as we changed her outfits, posed her outdoors with her family, watched her sleep, and then shot even more photos. I loved how her personality shined, especially as her dad talked to her. What a delightful experience this photo shoot was.

The first few photos show how her expressions changed within the space of less than a minute.

And all that posing necessitated a quick cat nap for the main model.

But when she woke up again, she was more than ready to play. And dance!

One of my favorite shots of the day: watching the parents watch the grandparents with Ashlin.

And a sleeping baby is the perfect “footrest” for a pair of wedding rings!


  1. alison

    Precious baby. Looks like Daddy!

    January 10th, 2011 @ 11:54 pm

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