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Mandy & Orion Engagement Photos

I had only met Mandy and Orion once before, but instantly felt that they were not only a great couple, but wonderful people as well.  And at last week’s engagement session I learned that they are also a whole lot of fun. We shot in two locations, first in the more formal attire (so Orion could look dashing in his new suit and Mandy could show off her blue toenails!) and then at the nearby playground where the little kids were utterly fascinated by these two adults swinging and sliding and laughing. I was fascinated as well by their obvious love for each other.  Their wedding is this weekend, and I can’t wait to post some of the wedding photos next week. Congratulations, Mandy and Orion!

And when Mandy slid headfirst into the sand, Orion was there to kiss the pain away.  Now that is love!

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