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Tiffany & James in Keystone

It had rained for weeks before August 15. Heck, it has rained all summer, especially in the afternoons. Especially in the mountains. But on August 15, the sun shone (after an earlier rain) and the bride and groom glowed in that late afternoon sunshine. Or maybe they just glowed because they are so very clearly in love. Either way, my assistant Patti and I had a  great time capturing the joy of the couple (especially James’ face when he caught his first glimpse of Tiffany) and the celebratory feeling of the rest of the day.

Kennedy - teaser-2

Kennedy - teaser-3

Kennedy - teaser-5

Kennedy - teaser-4

Kennedy - teaser-6

Kennedy - teaser-7

Kennedy - teaser-8

Kennedy - teaser-9

Kennedy - teaser-10

Kennedy - teaser-12

Kennedy - teaser-11

Kennedy - teaser-1


  1. alison

    I’m happy to see they got good weather! I must admit I feel like we’ve hardly had a summer here and now it’s over!

    September 1st, 2009 @ 10:21 pm

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