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Oh, Baby

It is perfect (for me, at least) that my very first post on my brand new blog centers around children.  The following pictures bring back memories of my own darling daughters, especially the photos with both Jackson (age 11 days) and Pierson (age two years and 10 days) in them.  Parents John-Paul and Teressa were fabulous about allowing me into their home so we could capture not only Jackson’s early days but Pierson’s utterly angelic personality.


And since I am completely addicted to Lightroom 2.0 (an Adobe photo editing system), I couldn’t resist seeing what this photo would look like with a little antique effect added. I think the result is even better than the original.


But the photo of the two that I fell in love with was this one, mostly because it is almost exactly like one I took of my own two daughters at the same age.  Even the thumb and blanket (which the older one STILL has!) remind me of them.


The next photos show just how cute an 11 day old trying to sleep can be!!




And what is it about those sweet, sweet feet that just sort of pull the lens toward them?

reiger-66 reiger-67

Jackson clearly feels at home in daddy’s strong arms!


Spending time with parents of a newborn is being allowed to see love at its purest.


And at its most beautiful.reiger-39

So I’ll end this small sampling with my favorite photo of the shoot.


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