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Keira & Joshua Marry at McC Ranch

What a wonderful day Friday was! After a summer filled with crazy weather, the sun came out and shone on Keira and Josh’s wedding at the McC Ranch just north of Masonville. Keira and Josh are an amazing couple: so in love and so happy as they celebrated this day with family and friends. They clearly relished every moment of this special day, and I am so honored that I was able to document it for them. I always try to get a few photos posted after the wedding day so the couples can see for themselves how wonderful their day was; with these two I had to include lots more than “a few.” Congratulations, Keira and Josh!!!!



Grace at Silo Park

I couldn’t wait to blog about the incredible time I had with Grace (and her wonderful family) this past weekend at Silo Park for her senior photo shoot. First, she is gorgeous. Second, she is delightful. Third, she was willing to try all the poses and locations I threw at her. I never wanted to end this session!  What I also love about these photos (below is just a sampling of the ones we got) is how many different backgrounds are right there at Silo Park: from the silo (duh!) to a little patch of corn to wetlands to a playground to whatever we could possibly want.  Thank you, Ana and AJ, for allowing me the privilege to photograph Grace.

Tina & Matt Marry at Muddy Paw Ranch

Wow. Just wow. I am not even going to try to come up with the right words, as both Tina and Matt said everything so perfectly in their vows. And perfect this day was: the weather, the gnomes and ladybugs, the ceremony, Claire, the food, the crazy performance by the guests. And the bride and groom. Perfect.

So, congratulations, Tina and Matt!! Here are just a few photos randomly chosen with so many, many more to come!! (Special thanks to Joe H for being a fabulous assistant!!)

Tina & Matt in Leadville

One of my favorite sessions this past winter was the engagement photo shoot with Tina and Matt. Not only are they wonderful to work with, they are just wonderful people. They both (because of their backgrounds) understand photography and design and composition, and they are willing to have fun. Most important, because this session was in the dead of winter in Leadville they don’t mind being in the cold! And I can’t wait for their June wedding in the same locale because we will be able to capture the same places with a completely different look to the background. And because they are wonderful. Enjoy!

Keira & Josh at Clear Creek History Park

Spring is officially here (just ignore Saturday’s snowstorm!) and that means it’s time to enjoy the flowers and green grass and gorgeous scenery. But first let’s also celebrate the beauty that is Colorado even in February. Of  course the most attractive part of these photos is the couple, and Keira and Josh made the Clear Creek History Park in Golden come alive during their engagement session. Now that their “Save the Date” cards are mailed, I can share some more photos from this fabulous photo shoot. Congratulations, Keira and Josh! I am so looking forward to your wedding!

Favorite Places Part Five: Silo Park

As I get ready for the trees to continue to flower and the grass to turn greener, I am finally posting about my last “favorite” place in the Denver metro area for photography. I love Silo Park (off of Orchard Avenue,  east of I-25) for many reasons, not least is because it offers everything from a silo (duh!) to a wetland area to a playground to a great barn-like structure. But the most important reason is that I have the privilege to photograph families such as the ones shown here. I already have some sessions scheduled for the park this spring and can’t wait to return!

I love my life. 🙂


Nila and Michael Marry at Grant-Humphreys Mansion

Last night was magical. Nila and Michael were the perfect bride and groom; they were relaxed and so, so joyous with each other.  And even though the sun sets early in February, we managed to get a few photos outside the Grant-Humphreys Mansion before darkness set in. And then we just moved indoors, where the beautiful rooms and decor set the stage for a ceremony that celebrated two cultures. And then the guests celebrated the couple for the rest of the night! Congratulations, Nila and Michael!!

Favorite Places Part Four: Clear Creek History Park

Since most of my photography is taken outdoors, this is normally a very slow time of year for me. But I have five photo shoots coming up in the next five days, so I will be happily photographing and editing for awhile! And one of my sessions will be at the location I am featuring today. I can’t wait to photograph there this Saturday to see how beautiful Clear Creek History Park in Golden still is.  Even though Golden is not exactly near Stapleton (my home), you can see by these photos of four families from the fall why the drive is worth it!! Enjoy!

Favorite Places Part Three: City Park

I love Denver’s City Park. It is great to bike and walk through and has a great playground for kids, not to mention the zoo and museum. But my favorite place to go is the Pavilion area near the lake and gazebo. And it helps that all the people in the photographs below are wonderful to play with! Take a look and you’ll see why this is one of Denver’s best places for photographers!





























Favorite Places Part Two: Stapleton

In my last post I shared how much I love taking photos in my courtyard. But all I have to do is venture out a few feet or a few blocks and there are so many, many cool places all around Stapleton. And what I love is that even in February, I can find a spot with evergreens and cool backdrops. If you live in Stapleton, see how many of these locations you recognize!





























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